Fall of the Wizards Audio Clips

I thought it would be fun in the run-up to the release of my book (and at some point later, audiobook) to put out excerpts from the audiobook as I work on it.  Aiming for this to be weekly, so check back often for new clips of the book!

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From the Introduction to Us 74th ed. (3893 [XR]) by Lord Xetic-Nal, W-L1 ThD MFCSR FURI etc etc etc


Excerpt from a letter from Lord Xetic-Nal to Lord Matthew D’Angkou 3267 [XR] (restricted reading):


Excerpt from Excruciatingly Difficult Sums and Why We Need Them by Lord Jariavect, 58th ed. Introduction


First paragraphs of Zunvect’s Chapter 13 Mors Media


Zunvect is given permission to learn wizard magic


A medical consultation / report on Zunvect’s condition


Zunvect Plays With Fire


Forward to the First Volume


Xetic Explains What His Name Means – For A Second Time


Excerpt from Epilogue – Xetic-Nal Contemplates the Board of Governors

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