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As a CMU graduate and an entrepreneur in the robotics industry, I’m involved in a lot of projects and most of them are better seen than described, so dive on in!

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24-653 DIY Design and Fabrication

Teaching a Baxter to Dance
Non-Explicit Communication with Robots: A Literature Review

“Our success in being human has so far derived from our honoring deviance more than tradition. Template changing always has gained a slight, though often tenuous, lead over template obeying. Now we must search diligently for those creative deviants from which, alone, will come the conceptualization of an evolutionary designing process. This can assure us an open-ended future toward whose realization we can participate.” – John B Calhoun

“The new millennium leaves us with space, the ocean, and the human mind to explore.  All will be illustrative, and most likely the fourth millennium will still have two of those things left to finish.” – Paul Calhoun