Fall of the Wizards

The Fall of the Wizards

A History


My ongoing series about Zunvect the Sunlord, a figure of veneration and awe in the history of his people.

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Book 1: Bildungsroman



Zunvect the Sunlord, god of organized magic, has been dead for 8,000 years. Unfinished business and a timely intervention by an ambitious demonologist lead to his revival. No matter what forces are arrayed against him, he needs to accomplish his goal. His autobiography is overdue and the book launch circuit awaits!

Volume 1 of his autobiography sees Zunvect grow up in a world where magic, music, and mathematics mix together. Dictated to the somewhat disgruntled demonologist, who insists she’s the one in control, the autobiography makes waves in the wider world. Ancient history, like most things, gets political.

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