A Comparison Of Model-Based Methodology in Robotic Development

This paper investigates the relative usefulness of UML and SysML based process frameworks in robotics. Specific emphasis is placed on interfaces, which are handled very differently between the two when dealing with mechatronics and software which directly interacts with its environment via hardware. While UML and SysML are modeling languages and so not themselves processes, they are the backbone of the processes that use them, and so by taking examples of projects using frameworks based on their respective modeling languages we can see the relative merits of each in the robotics setting. This will be done by examining two robotics projects which used modeling methods derived from UML and SysML and comparing their end result with specific emphasis on how they handled certain factors which separate robotics from other applications. The UML project is a service robot and the SysML project is a satellite servicing spacecraft. An additional case study is presented for SysML, as the project examined did not present all the artifacts they used.

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